As a longtime writer and educator, I value not only sharing my thoughts and narratives through the written word, but also helping others improve their writing and achieve greater confidence in their writing abilities.

Along with proofreading and editing, I can assist with,

in the areas of business & academic writing,

  • defining and narrowing topics
  • assessing audience, tone, voice, and grammar
  • assessing style, diction, and clarity
  • researching and development
  • thesis and topic sentence construction
  • paper and paragraph structuring
  • organization and layout
  • transitions
  • MLA, APA, AP, and Chicago formatting
  • letter, proposal, memo, and resume layout
  • altering form for differing contexts

in the area of creative writing,

  • mapping story structure and narrative beats
  • basic story plotting
  • characterization
  • writing action over exposition
  • promoting movement through dialogue
  • creating conflict and maintaining tension