Black and White World

I’m not attempting to ascribe a single variable to significant systemic problems, but I’m confident that there is a causal relationship between our now hyper-neoliberal cultural and many of the recent ills of our time.

To me, it seems that neoliberal culture has ushered in a period of significant instability, precariousness, disconnection, and uncertainty; and in doing so, we are now running at base-level survival mode; we are now going about our day-to-day lives with the greatest amount of existential anxiety and fear.

This psychological instability perhaps explains the kind of extreme racial conflicts we see, the rise in zealous weapon advocates, and fanaticism of all sorts, the increase in violence, scapegoating, tribalism, Brexit, and even Trump’s popularity.

Much of the globe is now violently attempting to paint the world black and white and cling to their tried and true worldviews since neoliberal cultural has given us such uncertainty and insecurity and conditioned us to see the planet and its people are disposable.

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