Stranger Things and Psychic Discovers Behind the Iron Curtain

For Fans of Stranger Things:

I just finished one hell of a bizarre read–Psychic Discovers Behind the Iron Curtain by Sheila Ostrander. In sum, shortly after the launch of Sputnik, the Soviets began experimentations in psychic phenomenon for military purposes. The U.S., after learning this information, quickly followed with their own “Eleven-like” experiments.

Probably the most disturbing experiment the Soviets did involved killing baby rabbits to illicit a response from mother rabbits on submarines. Since communication between Russia and submarines was only possible when the submarine was at water level, and therefore vulnerable to detection, the Soviets believed that the supposed psychic connection between a mother and baby rabbit could relay messages to submarines deep under water: “If the mother shows signs of distress, surface and launch the missiles.”

One has to wonder how they could believe such things, but we still have people who believe the world is only 6,000 years old, crystals can cure anxiety, cards can foretell the future, and so on; I guess not much has changed.

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